Britain's Achilles Heel Our Uncompetitive Pound

Why is economic growth and prosperity in the world so patchy and unstable? Why have incomes for so many people stagnated? Why is there so much inequality – and why is there so much debt? Are all these conditions inevitable or are there more effective ways of ordering our economic affairs to achieve better results?

In this new book, the economist and entrepreneur John Mills confronts these questions and shows how the problems we face are not insoluble – if we are prepared to learn the lessons from the past. Drawing extensively on economic history, he demonstrates how the current policy framework is awed and how a radical new approach is needed to close the divide between those who have done well out of globalisation and those who haven’t.

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"The vote to leave the European Union highlighted the fault lines in modern Britain between those doing well out of the economy and those not so fortunate. John Mills's timely book shows that this rift will only be healed by strengthening the UK's manufacturing base through higher investment and a more competitive exchange rate."

About the Author


John Mills is an economist, entrepreneur, author and the Chairman and majority shareholder of JML (John Mills Ltd), an import-export and distribution company. With subsidiary companies and trading relations in Europe, the Far East and North America, JML is a fast-growing company with an annual turnover currently of about £100m.

A lifelong Labour Party supporter and campaigner for the UK to vote to Leave the EU, Mr Mills is a former Labour Councillor in Camden and was the Deputy Chairman of the London Docklands Development Corporation from 1985 to 1987. He has been a Parliamentary candidate twice in 1974 and for the European Parliament in 1979.

Since 1975 Mr Mills has been Secretary of the Labour Euro-Safeguards Campaign and the Labour Economic Policy Group since 1985. Currently Chairman of Labour Leave, the EU Referendum campaign that represented Labour voters who do not agree that the future of the UK lies within the European Union. The campaign put forward the progressive left-leaning case for Brexit and successfully fought to get the UK out of the EU. John Mills is also Vice Chairman of the Economic Research Council and Chairman of the Pound Campaign, campaigning to reverse the decline of British industry and rebalance the UK economy.

John Mills has independently, or with co-authors, written a total of ten books on economics covering the UK, Europe the USA and the world economy. One of his books A Critical History of Economics was translated into mandarin by the Beijing commercial Press and has been used as a text book in Chinese universities.

Brexit Economics

by John Mills

We have a major problem in our financial relationship with the EU27. Unless action is taken to deal with it, this challenge will persist regardless of the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

This pamphlet sets out how we can make the UK economy the powerhouse of Europe again.

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